Rededicating and Blessing of Our Spire Sunday 17th January 2016.

On Sunday our celebration was slightly special as we gathered together outside near the end of the mass to hold a special ceremony. Fr Richard Reid led The Blessing and Rededication of our Spire (built in 1850) an opportunity to thank God for this fine landmark and to say “thank you” to the parishioners who gave of their time, money and prayer to support the whole project.
Fr Richard also thanked the Redemptorist’s team for all their hard work over the years to complete the spire project.

The Redemptorist community was well represented as all wanted to join in the celebrations. As the photos also show a huge crowd from the parish were also there, giving praise to God for the wonder of our spire.

The Redemptorists and the Parish want to say a huge thank you to, The Heritage Lottery Fund, The National Churches Trust and the many generous donors who gave and supported us in so many ways.

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After over 160 years the parish is going from strength to strength. Today is a wonderful opportunity to rejoice in our faith, Our Catholic faith and to rededicate ourselves to the work of Jesus Christ in Clapham so that this community may continue to be an ever brighter beacon of light in these beautiful surroundings.
Fr.Richard Reid CSsR