Important Information
for Parents or Guardians requesting Infant Baptism for their children
1. If you live outside the parish of St Mary’s

1.1. If you regularly attend St Mary’s Church please, as a matter of courtesy, obtain permission from your Parish Priest for the Baptism to take place at St Mary’s.

2. Forms to complete

1.1. Please complete the forms which can be obtained from the Parish Priest at the Parish Surgery and bring them to the first session of the Preparation Course.

1.2. Guardians should contact one of the priests in the St Mary’s team to complete any other formalities.

1.3. A parent or guardian must produce their own Baptism Certificate and attach it to the child’s Baptism application form.

3. Godparents

1.1. At least one of the Godparents of the child to be baptised must be a Baptised and Confirmed Catholic and over the age of 16.

4. Baptism Preparation Sessions

1.1. Parents and guardians are required to attend two Baptism Preparation Sessions before the child’s baptism. These take place on the first and second Thursday evenings in every other month. The sessions last approximately one hour each.

1.2. You are encouraged to leave the child to be baptised at home.

1.3. The next dates for Preparation are at the foot of the page.

5. The Welcoming

1.1. The Sunday before the Baptism, you and your child will be formally welcomed by the community at one of the Masses on Sunday.

1.2. At the welcoming Mass, please sit near the front in the main aisle, so you are near at hand when called forward.

6. The day of the Baptism

1.1. The time for Baptisms on the agreed Sunday is 1:15 pm.

1.2. Please bring a white garment for the child.

1.3. St Mary’s will provide a baptismal candle.

1.4. You are invited to make an offering to contribute to Church expenses.  

Next Baptism Preparation Sessions in two parts:

Thursday 1st & Thursday 8th November 2018

Thursday 10th & Thursday 17th January 2019