Spire Restoration Fund

Heritage Lottery Fund grant and other funding’s totalling £461,380 were received specifically for the repair of our Church Spire.

After One hundred and fifty years a huge about of essential restoration work was needed on our church spire. We received a very generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund which we are truly thankful.
Thank you to all those lottery players who have made it possible for us to repair our church spire, which could have become a danger to the public.

We are grateful to the National Churches Trust who gave us a magnificent grant in order to help us preserve our church Spire. The rest of the money was raised by members of our parish who were exceedingly generous in their contributions. We also have benefited from HMRC Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme, for VAT repayments on the eligible building works.

Thank you, Heritage Lottery Fund, National Churches Trust & Our Parish

With the final approval of the repair of the Church Spire near completion we would like to thank all those who made it possible for this work to take place.



Our special thanks goes to the Heritage Lottery fund without whose support it could never have happened. The refurbishment of the spire was of great public interest and gave an opportunity for so many different groups of people to be involved.

For professional groups such as the Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors, the AA Conservation students and the SPAB scholars and fellows it was an opportunity to observe the work as it was taking place. The conservation students also had the opportunity to be briefed by Mr. Ian Harper from English Heritage on the HLF grant process.
For St. Mary’s School it was a week of opportunity to do different projects on the church and church architecture.
At our garden fete the children were able to meet some of the masons working on the spire and to try their hand at stone carving.
The Clapham Society also visited and were able to climb the Spire under the guidance of PAYE construction.
The Churches Together in Clapham came for a special lecture on getting a grant from the Heritage Lottery fund.
Without the help of the HLF grant none of this would have been possible. To them we are truly grateful.


We are also grateful for the donation of £40,000 from the National Churches Trust. This made it possible for our parish to raise the remaining required funds.


The Redemptorists and the Parish want to say a huge thank you to, The Heritage Lottery Fund, The National Churches Trust and the many generous donors who gave and supported us in so many ways.

Rededicating and Blessing of Our Spire Sunday 17th January 2016.

On Sunday our celebration was slightly special as we gathered together outside near the end of the mass to hold a special ceremony. Fr Richard Reid led The Blessing and Rededication of our Spire (built in 1850) an opportunity to thank God for this fine landmark and to say “thank you” to the parishioners who gave of their time, money and prayer to support the whole project.
Fr Richard also thanked the Redemptorist’s team for all their hard work over the years to complete the spire project.

The Redemptorist community was well represented as all wanted to join in the celebrations. As the photos also show a huge crowd from the parish were also there, giving praise to God for the wonder of our spire.

The Redemptorists and the Parish want to say a huge thank you to, The Heritage Lottery Fund, The National Churches Trust and the many generous donors who gave and supported us in so many ways.

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After over 160 years the parish is going from strength to strength. Today is a wonderful opportunity to rejoice in our faith, Our Catholic faith and to rededicate ourselves to the work of Jesus Christ in Clapham so that this community may continue to be an ever brighter beacon of light in these beautiful surroundings.
Fr.Richard Reid CSsR

CTiC, Churches Together in Clapham Lecture and Spire Inspection at St Mary’s Church, Clapham held on Saturday 24th October 2015.

DSCF3876 (1)

DSCF3916 (2)

A group from the CTiC met at St Mary’s Church, Clapham on Saturday 24th October 2015 for an illustrated lecture by project architect Fergus Mc Cormick of Thomas Ford & Partners on the repairs to the Spire and on the Heritage Lottery Fund places of worship grant scheme. Fr Richard Reid, parish priest, welcomed those attending and gave a short introduction to the lecture. Fr Charles Corrigan spoke at the end of the presentation about the Church’s experience of dealing with the HLF places of worship grant process. At the end of the lecture Fergus Mc Cormick led a group of those attending up the Spire to view at close quarters the repairs that have been carried out. The Contractor for the repair works PAYE was on hand to provide access to the scaffold and distribute hard hats and high visibility vests to the group ascending the scaffold. The CTiC lecture and site visit was very successful and enjoyed by also those attending. This visit represents the last in a series of site visits and lectures organised by Thomas Ford & Partners which formed an important part of the Church’s activity plan under the Heritage Lottery Fund Grant scheme for the Spire Repairs.

Fergus Mc Cormick B.Arch, RIBA, Dip.Prog.Management, AABCSenior Architect